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Lisa Hillstrom Headshot
OPP Association Executive Officer of Pension & Benefits Lisa Hillstrom


In the first episode of our Retirement Planning Series, OPPA Executive Officer of Pension & Benefits, Lisa Hillstrom, discusses termination payments at retirement.


OPPA Executive Officer of Pension & Benefits, Lisa Hillstrom, joins the 10-5 Podcast to launch our Retirement Planning Series with an in-depth discussion of termination payments at retirement. This includes calculating severance pay, severance payments for amalgamated members, payment options, accrual of vacation credits on salary continuance, and use of vacation/stat credits/OT for as leave with pay (salary continuance).


Ontario Shared Services (OSS) Contact Centre – 1-866-979-9300 – Note – Ask to speak with the Benefit Advisor for Retirement Planning Purposes

The Ontario Pension Board offers members access to Certified Financial Planners – or 1-800-668-6203

For further assistance members can contact the OPP Association at or 1-800-461-4282

This episode of the 10-5 podcast is produced and hosted by Scott Mills and Joshua Jutras.