On Thursday November 18, 2021 at Ontario Provincial Police General Headquarters in Orillia, Ontario, the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund made a defibrillator donation in honour of OPP Provincial Constable Tyler Boutilier who was killed in the line of duty on May 23, 2004.  

The defibrillator was presented by OPP Sergeant Patrick Armstrong to Boutilier’s parents, Lewis and Sharon, Boutilier’s sister Chief Superintendent Kari Dart and Boutilier’s nephew OPP Provincial Constable Karn Dart.

The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund is an organization that donates defibrillators to honour fallen police, fire, paramedic and military who were killed in the line of duty.  This is the 135th defibrillator donation, 3 of which have been used and saved lives.