An election for Provincial Directors of the OPP Association was held today at the 2022 OPPA  Annual General Meeting.

74 voting delegates were asked to select six (6) candidates on their ballot for the position of Provincial Director, 2 of which are for 4-year terms, and the remaining 4 positions for 3-year terms.

The following candidates have been elected to the position of Provincial Director:

  • David Sabatini (Acclaimed, Civilian Director – 4-year term)
  • Dave Dube (4-year term)
  • Mike Adair (4-year term)
  • John Cerasuolo (3-year term)
  • Lynn Neale (3-year term)
  • Terri Hubbert (3-year term)
  • Rob Jamieson (3-year term)

Thanks to all of the candidates for taking part in the electoral process and congratulations to the elected Directors.