Today is the 4th Anniversary of the Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program, powered by Dalton Associates. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the incredible impact this program has had on our members’ mental health and wellness.

We have had many highlights in our fourth year (as of Feb 28th), including:

  • 550 New Registrations in the 4th year of the Program
  • 2805 Individuals Registered since March 30th 2020
  • And, 38% of those reaching out are Family Members

As we look to the future, we are committed to continuing our support and program growth, and we applaud our members who have helped spread the word about the benefits of caring for one’s mental health. We remain dedicated to enhancing this program to better serve our members by removing barriers to accessing high-quality care, easing service navigation, and supporting the journey towards mental wellness. We look forward to the future success of the Encompas program and supporting even more members on their journey to better mental health and wellness.