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OPP Association Names John Cerasuolo President at 2022 AGM

  • Date:October 23, 2022
John Cerasuolo has been named President of the OPP Association

The OPPA Board of Directors held a meeting at the conclusion of the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect a Director to the position of President, and Vice-President. 

It is our pleasure to announce that John Cerasuolo has been selected as the OPPA President, for a term of 3 years. David Sabatini has been selected as the first Civilian Member to hold the role of Vice-President, with a term expiring at the conclusion of the 2023 AGM. 

Please join us in congratulating President Cerasuolo, and Vice-President Sabatini.

They will join fellow Provincial Directors elected/re-elected at the AGM:
Seventy-four voting delegates were asked to select six (6) candidates on their ballot for the position of Provincial Director, two of which are for four-year terms, and the remaining four positions for three-year terms.
 Congratulaitons to those elected to be Provincial Directors:
  • David Sabatini (Acclaimed, Civilian Director - 4-year term)
  • Dave Dube (4-year term)
  • Mike Adair (4-year term)
  • John Cerasuolo (3-year term)
  • Lynn Neale (3-year term)
  • Terri Hubbert (3-year term)
  • Rob Jamieson (3-year term)
Our sincere thanks to all of the candidates for taking part in the electoral process. Thank you to outgoing President Rob Stinson for his dedicated service.