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Public Safety Communicator Appreciation Week – April 11-17, 2021

  • Date:April 10, 2021

On behalf of the Board of Directors, our staff and our membership, it is a pleasure to recognize the dedication and professionalism of our communicator members and all of our first responder communicators across North America during Public Safety Communicator Appreciation Week.

The staff members working in our OPP Provincial Communications Centres are a lifeline for our members and the community at large twenty-four hours per day. They are often the unsung heroes in saving and improving people’s lives.  The work our Communicators do is world class, and we are proud to have them as members of the OPP Association.

Thank you to OPP Communicator Erin Harrison (pictured) for providing the following quote that captures the importance and dedication of our communicators, for our launch of the celebration of our communicators this week.

“I have been working at North Bay PCC since 2015. Having the ability to help people on their bad days is something that means a lot to me. I take pride in knowing that I have been able to help and calm someone who is experiencing an emergency. I have had the privilege of dispatching officers all over the North East Region. Dispatching on busy days and dispatching high priority events can be exhausting and rewarding all in one. It is sometimes stressful being so far away from someone and having the responsibility of being their lifeline, but it’s a job myself and all my colleagues take to heart. So, to all my fellow call takers and dispatchers, Happy Communicators Week!”

To help raise awareness of the importance of our public safety communicators, we will be sharing on our social media the many stories celebrating our members that will be told this week.

Rob Stinson, President and CEO and the Board of Directors
Ontario Provincial Police Association