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ALAViDA Brings Modern Approach to Substance Use Management on Smartphone

  • Date:August 11, 2023

The Encompas portal provides a comprehensive selection of valuable mental wellness resources, including ALAViDA TRAiL. ALAViDA brings you a modern approach to substance use management through a confidential on-demand platform accessible right from your smartphone. With ALAViDA TRAiL, you can track your journey, access self-guided resources 24/7, and connect with a personal ALAViDA care team via text or meet-ups.
ALAViDA is for everyone looking to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol and substance use. Whether you want to be proactive about your health, cut back, or quit altogether, ALAViDA tailors its support to your individual needs. ALAViDA ensures 100% privacy and does not share any information with employers.
Visit the Encompas portal to take the first step towards positive change today or connect with an Encompas Care Manager with any questions or need for support!