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24 Nov 2023 – 38:50

Prostate & Breast Cancer – What You Need To Know – Dr. Danny Vesprini & Retired OPP Officer Jack Harkness on 10-5 Podcast

Retired OPP Officer Jack Harkness & Dr. Danny Vesprini, an affiliate scientist in the biological sciences at the Sunnybrook Research Institute and an assistant professor in the department of radiation oncology at the University of Toronto.

17 Nov 2023 – 22:15

“Death of a Millionaire”

Retired OPP Detective Sergeant David Lalonde

3 Nov 2023 – 21:17

Recap-2023 Dancing With The Stars of 911 on 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association Episode 105

Police Safety Spokesperson Colleen Eve & OPPA Director Lynn Neale

20 Oct 2023 – 36:03

Origins of Badge of Life Canada with Sylvio (Syd) Gravel on 10-5 Podcast Episode 104

Sylvio (Syd) Gravel Ret. Ottawa Police

29 Sep 2023 – 25:55

“Nora’s Nook” PC Elana Durtnall on 10-5 Podcast

OPP Provincial Constable Elana Durtnall

15 Sep 2023 – 19:52

Dancing with the Stars of 911 on 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association

OPP Sergeant Patrick Armstrong, OPP Sergeant Lindsay Adamson, Provincial Constable Morgan Rolph and Provincial Constable Austin Kohler

21 Jul 2023 – 22:48

OPPVA Branch 9 Supporting Special Olympics

Retired OPP Inspector, Gerry Salisbury is the Vice Chair of the local Ontario Provincial Police Veterans’ Association (OPPVA) Chapter 9 Kingston Branch. In this podcast episode Gerry updates listeners on a very special annual golf tournament in support of the local Special Olympics. The history of the tournament, as well as the mental and emotional value of getting vets, families, friends, and the community together in a social environment actively involved in their communities is explored.

7 Jul 2023 – 40:47

SafePet Ontario

Retired OPP Inspector and SafePet Ontario Volunteer Karen Moffatt along with Executive Director and Co-Founder of SafePet Ontario Hayley Glaholt join 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association to discuss the work SafePet Ontario is doing providing pet safekeeping for those fleeing family violence & human trafficking, helping survivors escape abuse by temporarily caring for their beloved pets. For more information visit SafePet.ca.

21 Jun 2023 – 17:18

Niigan Mosewak Indigenous Youth & OPP Camp

OPP Provincial Constable Andrew Wierzbicki of Pembroke Detachment (formerly of the OPP East Region ‘PLT’ Provincial Liaison Team)

9 Jun 2023 – 1:46:45

Living Your Best Life

Retired OPP Officer Sylvie Côté and retired Kingston Police Service Officer Rick Whalen