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Our Members. Our Focus. Our Strength.

About OPPA

The OPP Association works on behalf of all civilian and non-commissioned uniform Members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).  There are over 6,200 uniform and approximately 3,600 civilian members who belong to the Association.

Our members work hard every day to keep our communities safe, healthy, and prosperous. Professional, well-trained, and committed, our members provide effective (and cost-effective) policing services to 324 Ontario communities. From Essex to Thessalon to Thunder Bay — across nearly a million square kilometres of land and 100,000 square kilometres of waterways — our members are proud to serve.

While our members are looking out for our communities, the Association is looking out for them.  As their sole bargaining agent, we represent members’ interests in negotiations with the employer (the Ontario government).  However, an equally important task is the promotion of healthy, safe work environments.  We advocate for better tools and equipment, improved health and safety standards, and better supports for members suffering operational stress injuries, among other things.  These improvements help keep our members — and our communities — productive and safe.