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OPPA Director Lynn Neale was honoured to attend the OPC Recognition Ceremony and March Past today on behalf of Ontario Provincial Police Association. This morning she presented the OPPA Student Speaker Award to class speaker OPP Constable Sankalp Gupta. This afternoon BCT classes 2322-2332 were celebrated with 548 successful recruits from 41 police services across Ontario with keynote speaker OPP Commissioner Carrique, Michael S. Kerzner, Mario Di Tommaso, OOM, CMM III and fellow Association leaders Mark Baxter, Tyler Callaghan, MBA, CAE, Rick Robson and our OPPA CAO Lisa Shipley.

Ontario is observing Remembrance Week November 5-11, 2023. We have many OPPA members past and present who have served and continue to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces every day. We acknowledge the service and sacrifice of all of our members each and every day, and especially remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on Remembrance Day, November 11th and on Indigenous Veterans Day November 8th.

The OPP Association Board of Directors and staff are observing Remembrance Day on Saturday November 11, 2023 by lowering our flags to half staff, pausing for a moment of silence at 11am and attending Remembrance Day ceremonies across the province of Ontario, including at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Monday a statutory holiday for Remembrance will be observed by the OPP Association.

An OPP Association wreath will be among those laid at the Queen’s Park Ceremony of Remembrance. An acknowledgement of the wreath will be made during the ceremony. Director Rob Jamieson will be in attendance at Queen’s Park representing the OPPA.

We encourage everyone to wear a poppy, attend a Remembrance Day ceremony in your area, and observe a moment of silence at 11am on November 11th wherever you are.

Information on finding a Remembrance Day ceremony near you, where to watch a livestream, Indigenous Veterans Day and Remembrance Day can be found on the official Province of Ontario website.

President John Cerasuolo and the Board of Directors ~ Ontario Provincial Police Association

The 2023 OPP Association President’s Banquet was well attended and meaningful for all. The President John Cerasuolo, VP David Sabatini and the OPPA Board of Directors thanks all who attended.

Special thank you to our honoured guests:

•  The Attorney General of Ontario, the Honourable Doug Downey
•  The Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General of Ontario Brian Saunderson
•  The Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police Thomas Carrique
•  OPP Provincial Commander Mary Silverthorn
•  OPP Deputy Commissioner Chris Harkins 
•  OPP Deputy Commissioner Marty Kearns 
•  OPP Deputy Commissioner Rohan Thompson 

Congratulations to all Members and Staff recognized and who received awards.  

Carrie Lanning was recognized for being a PACE Graduate.

Honourary Life Memberships were awarded to OPPA Head Office Staff Members Carolyn Soderberg, Wayne White, Emma Storey and Alexandra Micoli.

Harry deJong was recognzied for his long service to the OPP Association as Editor of the OPPA’s Beyond the Badge Magazine from 2005-2023.

The 2023 OPPA Bill Elliott Member of the Year Award was presented to Jill Lewis from Branch 6.

A ‘Victim Services Presentation’ to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond their call of duty to assist families of our fallen and injured officers during the past year as we dealt with the line of duty deaths of Provincial Constable Greg Pierzchala, Sergeant Eric Mueller and Detective Constable Steven Tourangeau. Honoured members were James Tremblay, Ionut (John) Mihuta, Carla Birnie Lise Durocher, Steve McDade, Jamie-Lynn Meyer and Julie Prud’homme.

The formalities of the evening concluded with a presentation to our member, Marc Lauzon, one of our injured officers who has made remarkable progress from the night of the incident of our fallen brother Eric Mueller. Marc is an impressive example of resilience in relation to such a tragic incident.

Sincere appreciation including several standing ovations was a fitting way to end the 2023 OPPA AGM. Thank you to each and every member and staff member who made a contribution to the success of this annual special week for the OPP Association.

Watch videos from the event on OPP Association TikTok by clicking on image below

Photo album of the event is posted on the Ontario Provincial Police Association Facebook page

October 4, 2023 in Langley BC, the OPP Association and fellow OPP members joined Ridge Meadows RCMP to honour and say goodbye to Constable Frederick “Rick” O’Brien who was shot and killed in the line of duty executing a search warrant in Coquitlam BC on Sept 22nd.

His commitment to service and keeping his community safe were apparent.

OPPA Directors Lynn Neale and Terri Hubbert were honoured to represent the OPPA alongside our members and OPP Command staff.

Our deep condolences to Rick’s family, friends and colleagues. His service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Watch an archived livestream of the funeral on RCMP Youtube below

The OPP Association Board of Directors and our OPPA membership will join thousands of police and peace officers on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Sunday September 24, 2023 for the 46th Annual Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial. This year the names of thirteen officers are being added to the Memorial (11 current and 2 historical). 

The complete list of names of the officers being added, the weekend itinerary, dress orders and parade orders can be viewed at cppom.ca.

For OPP members attending the order of dress for uniform members attending is Dress Order Number 1. If you do not have Dress Order Number 1, please attend in working uniform. Plain clothes members who choose, may wear business attire. Any special constables and auxiliary members attending should wear Dress Order Number 2. Civilians should wear business attire.The Ontario Police Memorial Pin shall be worn during this event.

The event will be livestreamed on the Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial X (Twitter), Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn pages. The links are posted at cppom.ca/live

The names of three OPP officers will be added to the Memorial. They are our Heroes In Life, Not Death. OPP Detective Constable Steven Tourangeau, 35, of the Huron – Perth Community Street Crime Unit, Perth County Detachment tragically died in an on duty motor vehicle collision on May 29, 2023 when his unmarked police vehicle and a school bus collided at the rural intersection of Oxford Road 33 and Highway 59, northwest of Woodstock, around 7am. The 71yr old driver of the school bus was the only occupant, and also tragically lost his life in the crash. 

Detective Constable Tourangeau was a respected OPP officer, a dedicated husband and father to three young children. At the request of his family, on Monday June 5, 2023 a private, well attended Memorial Service was held to honour Steven in London, Ontario.

Steven’s service and sacrifice will always be remembered.

Sergeant Eric Mueller, of the Russell County OPP Detachment, was shot while responding to a disturbance call at a home. Three officers, who arrived at the scene, suffered gunshot wounds. Sergeant Eric Mueller was transported to the hospital and died as a result of his injuries.

In 2002, Sergeant Eric Mueller joined the Ontario Provincial Police as a special constable with the Offender Transport Program in the Ottawa Unit. On January 3, 2006, he was hired as a recruit and began his impressive career as a uniform member in Grenville (Prescott). He also worked at the Leeds County Detachment and was promoted to Sergeant in July 2018. During his career, Sergeant Mueller took on the position of coach officer and detachment liaison officer for the Auxiliary Unit.

In 2015, Sergeant Mueller was the recipient of the Commissioner’s Citation for Lifesaving. A testament to his bravery, he was recognized for working with others to physically lift a burning vehicle to remove an injured suspect.

Sergeant Mueller was a dedicated member of the OPP family, whose contributions to the organization and the communities he served did not go unnoticed. He was described by his colleagues as a strong team player who could be counted on whenever necessary. He led by example and always represented the core values of the OPP through his actions, words and sense of duty.

Sergeant Mueller’s devotion and courage will never be forgotten.

Provincial Constable Grzegorz (Greg) Pierzchala, of the Haldimand County Detachment, was shot and killed while responding to a motor vehicle collision in Hagersville, Ontario on Tuesday December 27, 2022.

Provincial Constable Pierzchala joined the OPP as a Special Constable with the Queen’s Park Detachment. On September 7, 2021, he was hired as a recruit and began his career as a Uniform member in Haldimand. He also had basic training as a Canadian Military Officer and held a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University.

He was an accomplished athlete. When he was hired, it was noted he had a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate. In high school in Barrie, he participated in soccer, swimming, wrestling, rowing, and track and field. He competed in varsity wrestling and was an Academic All-Canadian. He was also fluent in Polish.

Provincial Constable Pierzchala had dreamed of becoming a police officer since he was a young boy. He had a brief opportunity to live out his dream and to do his best to keep our community safe. Greg will forever be remembered for his service and sacrifice. 

Saturday, September 16th, 2023 is National Thank A Police Officer Day. 

While we appreciate police officers each and every day, we would like to pause on this special day of recognition and say “thank you” to all officers who continually, or have in the past, showed up to serve, protect and connect within our communities. 

While you take care of us, we are here to take care of you. The mental and emotional toll of this profession is not unseen. If you need support please reach out and speak with one of our Care Managers in the Encompas Mental Health Wellness program by calling 1 866 794-9117 or by email at info@encompascare.ca. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Suicide Prevention Day Poster - image of hands holding glass globe with tree growing on top.

Sunday, September 10th, 2023 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Being a First Responder professional can be both rewarding and challenging. From putting yourself on the front line of potentially life-threatening situations to being repeatedly exposed to trauma and the hardships of others.

The stress of being a First Responder can impact you both professionally and personally and sometimes in the form of suicidal ideation.

The mental toll of your profession is further compounded by the need to appear brave, strong, and resilient, which often prevents First Responders from seeking help.

The Encompas Program aims to reduce the barriers and stigma associated with mental health every day by providing culturally diverse mental health and wellness counseling and support, without the added stress of wait lists.

Suicidal feelings can create a darkness where nothing else can be seen. If that is where you are, you are not alone and you deserve support. Asking for help can be the hardest thing to do when you are in that dark place, where all hope seems to be lost. We are here to sit with you in the dark until you find hope again. #itsokaytonotbeokay

Visit encompascare.ca or call us 24/7: 1-866-794-9117

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OPPA Director Rob Jamieson attended the Solicitor General | Solliciteur général press conference announcing Ontario is cracking down on auto theft at Halton Regional Police Service in Oakville.

Pictured is the Ontario Provincial Police AssociationToronto Police Association & the Halton Regional Police Association with Solicitor General Michael S. Kerzner, Attornery General Doug Downey & Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Thomas Carrique.

To learn more about the announcement click on the Ontario Government Solicitor General News Releases.

Quote from OPP Association President John Cerasuolo

Our OPP Association members thank the Government of Ontario for increased funding for the OPP led Organized Crime Towing and Auto Theft Team, community safety grants targeting auto theft, and the creation of a new Major Auto Theft Prosecution Response Team. Our police officers and communicators working on the front lines are dealing with auto theft and organized crime challenges more than ever before. Thank you to our front line members, who are dealing with often dangerous situations amid staffing shortages, our specialized team members and our law enforcement partners for their ongoing commitment to public safety.

On Friday, April 28, the OPP Association recognizes the National Day of Mourning – joining institutions across Canada, and more than 100 countries worldwide in remembering those who have been injured, become ill or who have died due to a workplace tragedy.

On this Day of Mourning, education and understanding of the significance and history of the day is important. The date was chosen in 1984, when the Canadian Labour Congress proclaimed the Day to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the day the first Ontario Worker’s Compensation Act was approved by the government (1914). The Day of Mourning was enshrined in national legislation by an Act of Parliament on February 1, 1991.

The health and safety of OPP Association members is our pledge and priority as they serve communities across Ontario with bravery and integrity every day.

With the loss of eight officers killed in Canada since the fall, we have witnessed large displays of solidarity from our members, members of the public and fellow first responders as we continue to work tirelessly to ensure our members have access to the best support infrastructure possible.

Offering mental health services for OPP Association members, the Encompas Mental Health Program continues to grow offering top-level support and services for our members and their families 24/7, 365 days a year. With over 2265 individuals registered since its inception, 30% of whom are OPP Association family members, Encompas is dedicated to removing barriers and continually enhancing and paving the road towards mental wellness for our members.

The OPP Association continually collaborates and works with stakeholders and partners to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members and their families always remains our highest priority.

“Mourn the Dead, Fight for the Living” is the slogan for the Day of Mourning and reflects the importance of remembering those who have lost their lives, but is also a strong reminder of the need to press for improvements in health and safety in our workplaces.

Canadian flags on Parliament Hill and at Queen’s Park fly at half-staff on April 28. The day is traditionally marked by public ceremonies, wearing black and yellow ribbons, lighting candles, observing a moment of silence at 11 a.m. and sharing stories about how workplace tragedies have touched lives.

On April 28, please take time to reflect on the services performed by thousands of workers who make up the workforce in our communities and remember those that have paid the ultimate price in doing so.

~OPP Association President John Cerasuolo and the Board of Directors~

The murder of our OPP Provincial Constable Greg Pierzchala allegedly by an offender unlawfully at large after being released on bail was top of mind today for OPP Association President John Cerasuolo and VP David Sabatini as they attended the Premier’s press conference in Toronto on measures being taken to ensure charged persons released on bail are in compliance with bail conditions.

The grants will provide the necessary financial resources to support active engagement and monitoring of bail compliance. The ability of police services to utilize those financial resources will be limited by ongoing staffing shortages and competing organizational priorities. The efficacy of this initiative must be tracked with a view to providing long-term stable funding to engage in this important program that will enhance public safety, officer safety and confidence in the criminal justice system. This is a good start.

OPP Association President John Cerasuolo

Click here for the Ontario Government Premier’s Office Press Release.