Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series

Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program

About the speaker:

Dr. Manion is a clinical child, youth and family psychologist and scientist-practitioner who has worked with children, youth and families for over 35 years, 30 of which were at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  He was the founding Executive Director of the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO and Director of Youth Mental Health Research at the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.  Dr. Manion is still involved in research on mental health promotion, systems of care, youth depression and suicide.  He has a particular interest in, and provides consultation services on, meaningful youth engagement and how services are organized to best meet the mental health needs of youth. He is a committed advocate for child and youth mental health In Canada and internationally.  He is co-founder of Youth Net/ Réseau Ado, a bilingual community-based mental health promotion program with satellites across Canada.  Dr. Manion is the father of five grown children.  He is also a person with lived experience who served as a spokesperson for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign in 2018.

About the Session:

Please join us on Wed August 25th 10am-11am for a conversation with Dr. Manion on “Parenting, Stress, Mental Health and Living Through COVID”.  This webinar will discuss the particular stressors experienced by children, youth, and their parents as we all seek to cope with the pandemic. Attention will be given to unique issues faced by first responders (and retirees) as parents and extended family members. An emphasis will be on the signs and symptoms that might suggest that a child, youth, or parent is struggling beyond their ability to cope and how to talk about such issues within the family. Specific strategies for parents to best support their children and youth will be shared.  The focus will be on resilience and coping and the right time to seek help.
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