Burlington OPP Provincial Constable Noel Middleton with OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique
Ontario Women in Law Enforcement Banquet June 9, 2022 in Mississauga, Ontario

Burlington OPP Detachment Provincial Constable Noel Middleton won the Ontario Women in Law Enforcement 2022 Police Bravery Award on June 9, 2022 at an awards banquet in Mississauga. Congratulations to Noel and all of the award recipients from the OPP Association. 

The following is a brief summary of the events, leading to Noel’s nomination, from OPP Sergeant Fletcher:

On November 25th, 2021 at approximately 9:39 a.m. Hamilton Police reported an active shooting in the area of York Rd just west of Hwy 6 in the City of Hamilton.  A firearm had been discharged from a vehicle resulting in a victim being shot twice.  The suspects had attempted to pursue the victim but were involved in a collision and were now fleeing on foot. 

PC Noel Middleton was in the area and responded immediately to the scene and located the collision.  She spoke with a witness and was able to obtain a description of two male suspects and a direction of travel.  PC Middleton began to search the surrounding vicinity and quickly located the two suspects matching the description on Old Guelph Road, just west of the collision. 

As she drove towards them, both males began to run and attempted to flee the area.  Additional responding units had not arrived yet and PC Middleton knew that if she delayed engaging the suspects that they would likely evade police and presented a continuing danger to the victim and the public. 

She recognized that the males may still be armed and there was substantial risk to her own safety but she believed there was a significant public safety concern and an immediate need to apprehend the suspects.

PC Middleton stopped her cruiser behind the fleeing suspects and initiated a high risk take down alone.  She drew her firearm and moved behind the rear of the police cruiser where she began to issue verbal commands.

While directing one of the suspects to walk slowly towards her cruiser with his hands raised, the male attempted to pick his cellphone up off the ground. PC Middleton remained calm and exercised good judgment while issuing commands for him to stop.  Both suspects were directed to lay face down in a prone position and they complied. 

PC Middleton remained in her position of cover until other officers arrived and assisted in taking them into custody.  Following the arrest PC Middleton located a set of keys at that scene which matched the vehicle involved in the collision.  It was also learned that one of the parties was a federal inmate on parole serving a sentence for manslaughter and bound by a firearms prohibition order. 

Hamilton Police Chief Frank Bergen recognized PC Middleton for her actions and personally wrote a letter to the OPP Commissioner expressing his gratitude.  He remarked “I truly believe Constable Middleton’s efforts saved the victim’s life”, and that “she represented herself and the Ontario Provincial Police with the utmost excellence, risking her own safety to save another.”

PC Middleton showed tremendous courage and personal bravery during this incident and I nominate her for the Ontario Women in Law Enforcement bravery award.

OPPA Directors Lynn Neale and Terri Hubbert were at the banquet and Director Hubbert was honoured to present the OPP Sergeant Margaret Eve Leadership Award to York Regional Police Superintendent Ronda Corsi. 

OPP members were also among those honoured for the OWLE Team Achievement Award for work done to ensure community safety at the Windsor Ambassador Bridge Protest earlier this year. Congratulations to all of the award recipients.