The OPP Association is sharing this GoFundMe for our OPPA member, OPP Provincial Constable Dylan MacKinnon and his family as Dylan fights cancer. Click image for link to donate. Below is the text of the GoFundMe.

Dear Family, Friends, and the Policing and Law Enforcement Community

Our names are Ben (one of Dylan’s best friends) and Jessee (brother of Dylan’s spouse Ashley), and we are starting this fundraiser to help support Dylan’s journey against Cancer.

For 28 year old, Dylan MacKinnon, a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police Service, working on the Emergency Response Team, who spent the last 7 years serving and protecting his community, recently new homeowners with his loving spouse Ashley, and dog parent to a cute little French Bulldog named Ellie, this is usually a time of optimism, excitement, and new opportunities. However, for Dylan and his family, this year marked the beginning of Dylan’s fight for his life.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Dylan knows what a genuinely good person he is. Dylan is smart, funny, respectful, and he always goes above and beyond for others, his team, and the community.

In the beginning of October 2023, Dylan had started experiencing lower back pain which had turned into severe nerve pain.

Following this, he developed a lump on his neck and lost a significant amount of weight. After numerous doctor visits, he was sent to get ultrasounds done, however, his pain became so intolerable, Dylan attended St. Mary’s Hospital Emergency Department and was admitted on November 20th, 2023.

On November 23rd, Dylan and his family received the worst possible news, which became a nightmare. After many tests including a biopsy on his lymph nodes, CT scans, Physicians have discovered two cancerous tumours on his L1 and L2 vertebrae. The tumours were pressing on Dylan’s nerves in his lower back which caused him the severe nerve and back pain. This made him immobile. A third tumour was located in his upper spine, along with cancerous lymph nodes in his neck and abdomen, and lesions on his liver. Doctors still have not discovered the primary source of where his cancer is originating from.

Oncologists advised Dylan that he is dealing with an aggressive cancer that has spread to his spine (making it Stage 4) and that Dylan will never be cancer free.

On Tuesday November 28th, 2023 Dylan underwent an invasive lower back surgery to repair his collapsed vertebrae, remove the tumours and stabilize his spine with rods and screws. Dylan is still recovering in hospital at this time. After recovery he will be starting radiation and chemotherapy. He will continue to undergo more tests, physical rehabilitation, and physiological changes caused by medication needed to help with his severe pain.

Dylan is a part of a big policing and law enforcement family, and has spent his career serving and protecting many communities across Ontario.

Dylan will be off work indefinitely, which is something he has never believed would happen; his childhood dreams of being a police officer and helping others has inevitably come to a halt.

Now he needs us more than ever to support him through his battle with cancer.

If you are in a position to contribute financially or offer emotional and other forms of support, it would mean the world to us. No donation is too small, and every contribution will make a significant impact. Let’s come together to offer financial relief, allowing Dylan, Ashley and their families to concentrate on what truly matters – making the most of each day surrounded by love.

Thank you for your generosity, compassion, and kindness. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in Dylan’s journey, providing comfort and creating moments that will be cherished forever.