Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series

Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program

The Encompas program is launching a monthly Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series (the “Series”).

About the Series:

The Series will alternate monthly between virtual Open Houses and a Speaker’s Series. Both the Open Houses and Speaker Series will include 30-45 minutes of presentation, followed by 15-30 minutes for questions and answers.

Speaker Series:

These presentations will provide education on topics and solutions for healing and resilience.  They will also showcase some of the specialty services such as Residential Treatment or Intensive Outpatient treatment.

Open Houses:

The Open House presentations will focus on sharing Encompas program updates and taking questions or suggestions for program enhancements. Encompas is a program designed uniquely for OPPA members, and we are committed to continued program evolution to serve your needs.

The First Session is February 24, 2021!

Encompas Presents
The Encompas Experience: Program Overview and What to Expect
Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series

If you missed it you can watch the webinar on Youtube.

Visit to learn more about the Series.

Note: To ensure your anonymity, your registration information will ONLY be available to the hosts from Dalton Associates.   Registrants will NOT have the option of turning on their camera or microphone at any time.   Questions will be managed through the text Q&A which are sent only to the hosts – Dalton Associates.   They will either answer those questions verbally without referencing the name of the participant who asked the question, or privately through the text function.

All sessions will be delivered through the PHIPA complaint version of Zoom Webinar.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact