Encompas is here for you and your family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year providing wrap-around mental health care navigation, support and resources. This support is available for all Ontario Provincial Police Association or Commissioned Officers Association members, active and retired and their family, who are in receipt of insured benefits through Canada Life.

We understand that being a First Responder family comes with a unique landscape that includes challenges related to the First Responder role. We know the importance of feeling understood, seen and supported.  With a growing number of Encompas Family Members reaching out for support, we would like to announce a new Family Resources section curated especially for our Encompas Members.  This is available on the Encompas Member Portal. 

We strive to cultivate spaces for you and your family that provide opportunity to engage, learn and be well! We have a growing number of Encompas Family Members reaching out for support, making up for approximately 40% of our Encompas clients, with 15% of those inquiries seeking support with relationship and parenting issues.

A Few of the New Resources in Family Resources Section include:

  • Dr. Jody Carrington’s Hello Hero: VIP Course for First Responders and their families
  • Expert talks – one from Clinical Psychologist, author, and First Responder family member Dr. Susan Hunt
  • Book Recommendations
  • Parenting Support

You will also be able to access the existing great resources such as:

  • Self-directed courses including a Couples Course and an Anger Solutions Course
  • Self-care tools such as:  ALAViDA’s early intervention and educational resource for those dealing with Substance Use

To access the Family Resources section, visit encompascare.ca and navigate to Member Portal- Sign in or Register if you are not registered and navigate to the Family Resources Tab.

QUESTIONS ABOUT REGISTERING OR NEED SUPPORT?  As always, we are here to support 365/24/7. Please connect with one of the Encompas Team members either by calling:  1 866-794-9117 or emailing to info@encompascare.ca