Happy Canada Day from the OPP Association. Today is a day to celebrate our country and everyone who calls Canada home. I am extremely proud of our country, and our OPP members who work tirelessly to serve and protect the citizens of Ontario each and every day.

We are not perfect, and we are always striving to do better as individuals, as an organization, as a province and as a country. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our members for their commitment to their jobs, and our community safety.

This weekend a number of our members are deployed to Canada’s Capitol once again for anticipated protests. Thank you to all who are working and sacrificing their Canada Day away from family and their communities. Your service is appreciated.

Indigenous Peoples of Canada merit special mention today. The tragedy of residential school children cannot and will not be ignored. The OPP Association will do all we can do to facilitate and promote reconciliation.

It is my wish for all to work towards peace and unity throughout our great land of Canada. It is important to support and lean on each other during difficult times. It is equally important to celebrate and be grateful for all we have as a proud nation.

Your OPP Association is here to support you and our community every step of the way.

Happy Canada Day!

Rob Stinson
President, OPP Association