Sam Ankenmann was born on September 16, 1928 and grew up on the family farm just east of the village of Shakespeare. He was twenty-seven years old when he was successful in a bid to be appointed to the O.P.P. on June 4, 1956. He served a while at Sauble Beach detachment.

Sam’s next and last posting was Sebringville detachment. He and his family had a happy life in the area and Sam always seemed to find something to smile about.

On the night of June 29th, 1968, the twelve-year veteran of the O.P.P. was alone in his marked cruiser. At about three forty-five a.m. he was patrolling westbound on Highway 7-8 toward Stratford. There were intermittent patches of dense fog that night and this condition may have played part in what happened next.

At a point in North Easthope Township, the police car did not follow the road as it curves to the south. Constable Ankenmann applied his brakes but his vehicle skidded and the right side went up into a seven-foot ditch, ploughed along for a short distance, bounced up and rolled over in a field and caught fire.

Two young men from the area pulled Constable Ankenmann clear from the burning vehicle. Sadly it was later determined that he was dead on impact.

Sam was survived by his wife and two sons.

In admiration for his dedicated service to the citizens of the Province of Ontario and honouring his years of service with the Ontario Provincial Police, a bridge was name in Sam’s honour at a ceremony on November 11, 2013 in the Sebringville area.