Alf Ferguson was a veteran officer when he moved from Department of Highways to being a member of the OPP Motorcycle Patrol in 1930.

In his decade long career with the Provincials, Constable Ferguson made a name for himself as an energetic officer. His personnel file no longer survives but it is known that he had four commendations recorded. These were for persistence in solving two hit-and-run accidents, a car theft, and a break, enter and theft case.

Constable Ferguson was posted in Hawkesbury, then spent six years at Brockville before returning to Hawkesbury for his last four years on highway patrol.

On May 23, 1940, Constable Ferguson was south bound on King’s Highway 34 one mile north of Vanleek Hill. It was 2:45 p.m. on a day shift that had passed so far without incident.

From his position on the road, all the officer would have noticed at the time was the car ahead of him turning to pass a horse and buggy, but could no doubt have seen the truck oncoming that caused Delorme to brake and turn in to avoid a collision. The officer’s motorcycle struck the rear of car in front. At once he was thrown from his machine with such force as to sustain severe injuries on impact with the ground. He died as a result later that day.

A coroner’s inquest two weeks later at the town hall, Vanleek Hill, concluded that no blame could be laid in the cause of the accident.

PC Alfred J. Ferguson was survived by his wife and their son.