Joining the Ontario Provincial Police in May 1954, Cal Fulford served at Kenora, Minaki, Dryden and Ear Falls.

Cal was a family man whose interests included playing hockey and curling.

In the early morning of Christmas Day 1958, Cal was advised of a shooting and proceeded to the scene. The gunman, who had already killed four people with a rifle, shot at Constable Fulford, wounding him. Although he attempted to get away, Cal was unable to make it to safety before the gunman caught up to him, extracted Cal’s revolver from it’s holster and used it to inflict the fatal head wound.

A plaque, placed in Cal’s memory, is located in the O.P.P. Detachment at Ear Falls.

Calvin Fulford was survived by his wife and three children. Cal Fulford was twenty-eight years old.