Hicks was born on April 4, 1944 and attended high school in Burks Falls. Shortly after leaving school, Tom joined the OPP on October 5, 1965 where he spent all of his time policing in the Sudbury area. Tom preferred living in Northern Ontario because he loved the climate.

Tom was appreciated for his work as a highway traffic officer. He impressed an American traveler who was sideswiped during a northern visit. Tom Hicks set out and found the suspect vehicle within two days. The delighted traveler stated that it was refreshing to see a man so dedicated to his profession.

Tom was active in the local Home and School and was a strong supporter of his children’s participation in several minor sports in their community. He enjoyed canoeing and camping with his family during his free time.

On November 7, 1980 while working the evening shift, Constable Hicks was dispatched to the Naughton Indian Reserve to look into an occurrence involving an attempted suicide. While driving on Highway 17 through the outskirts of Copper Cliff at the Power Line Road, a drunk driver turned left in front of the cruiser striking it. The drunk driver and his passenger were injured in the crash and Constable Hicks suffered fatal injuries.

Tom was taken to Sudbury Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Hicks family held a private funeral for the thirty-six year old officer and he was laid to rest at the Waters Cemetery in Walden. A plaque honouring his OPP services in hanging at the Sudbury OPP Detachment.

Later, Tom’s wife wrote to Commissioner Harold Graham stating, “During the moments of loneliness since his death, I have come to appreciate the companionship of the members of the Force and their wives.”