Lloyd Lackey came from Smiths Falls and was born on September 1, 1930. He came to police work later in life having been a clerk then a truck driver. In 1966 he sought a position with the Ontario Provincial Police because it offered him better opportunities. At that time, he had a brother with the provincial police in Kemptville.

Lloyd and his family settled on Manitoulin Island at Little Current. He had professional duties and a busy family life but still managed to be active in playing baseball and curling in season. He was also a member of the Manitoulin Light Horse Club.

Lackey was working the night shift on Sunday, July 16, 1972 with a probationary member. The two officers went to a domestic dispute at West Bay First Nations Reserve and managed to calm things down. At about four o’clock in the morning they headed back to the O.P.P. Detachment.

The cruiser was coming around a bend with a slight rise in the road, just two miles west of Little Current on Highway 540 when they saw an oncoming vehicle swerve into their lane. The police car moved over as close to the edge of the road as possible without going into the ditch, but the emergency manoeuvre was not enough to prevent a collision.

The head-on-impact of the two cars completely demolished both front ends. Constable Lackey and the thirty-seven year old driver of the other car were killed on the spot. The two passengers of the car were injured and all three were subsequently found to be intoxicated. The probationary constable had a fractured knee and jaw and suffered facial lacerations.

Constable Lackey was survived by his wife and four children.