Mike, as he liked to be called, was employed with the Department of Highways previous to joining the OPP in 1930 as a member with the new motorcycle patrol. Little was known of him except that he served the province in Cooksville, London And Kitchener and the events that led to his death.

On March 11, 1934, PC Lemon stopped a vehicle for a routine traffic stop and noticed a light problem on the rear of the vehicle. The officer proceeded to the rear of the vehicle and was hit by an Oldsmobile that did not stop, but quickly sped away. PC Lemon had been thrown seventy-five feet and died instantly. 

Within two hours of the accident a suspect was arrested and later charged with manslaughter.

The court, however, felt the crown had failed to show gross negligence, willful or wanton conduct on behalf the suspect and the case was dismissed. He later had to pay a fine under the Highway Traffic Act for failing to remain at the scene of the accident.