Bob Maki was born on August 22, 1935 and became a member of the Ontario Provincial Police on November 19, 1956. He served first at Cornwall and then continued his police career at the Rockcliffe municipal detachment.

On April 4, 1966, Constable Maki was dispatched to a public complaint of a young man was seen walking along the road discarding his clothing as he went.

Maki did not know that the suspect had been in trouble earlier that day. He had become involved in a dispute at his University of Carleton cafeteria where he had threatened other students with a knife. Constable Maki could see that the man in front of him would be difficult to control. He appropriately called for back up and was assisted by two other officers. The man was escorted to the Royal Ottawa Psychiatric Hospital.

At this point what should have been an uneventful occurrence when horribly wrong. A man in a white coat told the officers who had assisted Constable Maki that the situation was under control and they might leave. Unknown to them this man was only an interim and not ultimately responsible for the situation. After checking with Constable Maki, they left. Soon Bob Maki was left alone with the patient. Suddenly the patient ran out of the room and the officer went after him. He caught up with his agitated quarry and a struggle ensued.

As they struggled, Johnson succeeded in removing Maki’s revolver from his closed holster. Five shots were fired fatally wounding the ten-year Ontario Provincial Police veteran.

The thirty-one year old officer had been married for five years at the time of his death.

He is remembered by the City of Nepean with a most useful monument. Maki Park in the Crystal Beach area honours the officer.