Age: 55 years old
Widower with 3 children
25 years of service

James Sharp McDonald was born in Beith, Scotland on January 13, 1907. He served twenty-five years with the Ontario Provincial Police, first as a Special Constable in 1937, later moving to the regulars on June 1, 1943. He was posted to the Windsor Detachment. In 1947, James transferred to the Sandwich West Detachment. He was promoted to Corporal on March 1, 1952, returning to Windsor on December 1, 1953. On August 1, 1956 he moved to the Essex Detachment, then onto the Pembroke Detachment on March 1, 1957,

Corporal McDonald responded alone to a residence in Petawawa Township, which was the scene of a domestic dispute. The suspect was drunk and abusive. Corporal McDonald struggled with the suspect for sometime before getting him handcuffed and secured in the rear seat of the cruiser. While walking around the rear of the cruiser, Corporal McDonald suffered a massive heart attack, collapsed and died.

Corporal McDonald was to be transferred to the Killaloe Detachment on September 1, 1962 to become the officer-in-charge.