Bill McIntyre was born on April 12, 1951 and resided in Oakville during his early years. He was a particularly good student and spent three years as an apprentice in a mechanics course. Bill decided to become a police officer and joined the OPP on May 1, 1972.

Bill worked in Goderich and Sauble Beach, Tobermory, Exeter and Mount Forest. While working as an officer, Bill was well received by the public and received letters of appreciation throughout his career.

On October 1, 1983, Bill was promoted to Corporal. He requested a change of location and was transferred to the Technical Support Branch at OPP GHQ in Toronto. In this position, Bill was actively involved in undercover and physical surveillance work.

Just one month sort of his twelfth year as a police officer, Bill was called by his supervisor to remind him of a work assignment but he could not be reached. Both his personal car and an undercover vehicle were in the parking lot. Some time later, Bill was found dead in his apartment. He had been fatally shot and a small-calibre bullet wound was found on the back of his head.

Although Bill’s death occurred while he was off-duty, the OPP Commissioner at that time stated that his death was definitely work-related. A small private funeral was held in Burlington with many officers attending in uniform.

OPP members who worked with Bill McIntyre all attest to his hard work and dedication to duty.