Born in April 11, 1950, Vaughn was athletic and enjoyed playing hockey. Vaughn joined the Ontario Provincial Police on October 4, 1971 and was posted to Sudbury Detachment.

In July of 1973 on his way to an accident, Vaughn hit a broken down van that had been abandoned and was sitting partially on the highway with no lights or warning flares. The traffic in the other lane prevented Vaughn from avoiding the van. As a result of the impact he incurred head injuries and lacerations.

Vaughn was off work recuperating for some time following the accident. Upon his return to work, Vaughn walked unsteadily, with a lean, would be forgetful and developed acute headaches. It was determined that the head injuries incurred during the accident had precipitated a brain aneurysm forming. On December 20, 1973, Vaughn McKay died when the aneurysm ruptured.

His wife and son survived Vaughn McKay and another son was born soon after Vaughn’s death.