Reginald was born in Teeswater, Ontario, on November 18, 1923. He spent three years in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, in radar construction and as a service policeman. Following his honourable discharge, Morden was hired by the Guelph Police and served with that force for two years.

He was appointed on February 2, 1948 to the OPP. He served in Sudbury District for fifteen months, mostly in Gore Bay and Little Current on Manitoulin Island. Shortly before his death he had been transferred to headquarters staff at Sudbury, then 13 District.

On May 17, 1949, Constable Morden was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Morden and PC Ed Schroeder were proceeding northbound on Highway 68 and just ahead in the opposite direction was a taxi carrying two passengers.

Later the taxi driver stated that the police vehicle was so close that as it began to pass him, the left front wheel touched the taxi’s rear fender. Morden’s car then swung out with the impact, hit soft gravel at the side of the road, fishtailed and slid toward the ditch. The car then rolled three times.

Reginald Morden was still alive when he was extricated from the wreck but pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. His passenger PC Ed Schroeder suffered severe shock and other injuries but eventually recovered.

Prior to his accident, the officer had applied for leave so that he could travel to Guelph to be married on May 28, 1949.