Born on September 3, 1928, (John) Jack Ross was raised on the family farm in Oxford County. As a student at Woodstock Collegiate, he was interested in sports. Unfortunately, his high school education came to an end with the death of his father, necessitating for Jack to work the farm.

Jack made a career choice in 1962, selling the farm and joining the Ontario Provincial Police. Initially, Jack was posted at Essex but later was fortunate to be transferred to his home turf of Woodstock.

On October 7, 1984, Jack and another officer were shot by one of two men who had earlier killed one man and a police officer, and had also been involved in a hostage taking. Although they were wearing body armour when the suspect fired at them, each was hit in an unprotected area. Unfortunately, Jack’s wounds were fatal.

Commemorative tributes, including the Jack Ross Sports Bursary for students at Woodstock Collegiate and the naming of Jack Ross Drive in his memory, are constant reminders of the community’s respect for Jack.

Jack was survived by his wife and five children.