Scott, born in St. Thomas, Ontario on August 21st, 1961, son of Herbie and Marilyn and brother to Debbie, Cindy and Robert. He was the President of his high school Student Council and a dedicated member of the football team. After high school, Scott attended the University of Waterloo enrolled in the Economics Undergraduate Studies. Scott soon realized he developed an interest in Law Enforcement. He attended Fanshawe College in the Police Foundations Law and Security program.

He was a member of the Peel Regional Police Force, Brampton in 1981 and remained with Peel for 8 years.

Scott married Penny in 1983 and soon had their first son Benjamin who was born in May 1984. Their joy soon turned to sadness as Benjamin was diagnosed with a brain tumour and passed away in August of that same year. Scott and Penny were again blessed with a son Joshua in 1986 and a daughter Erin in 1990. Scott wanted his family to grow up in a smaller community as he did.  He then applied and was hired by the Ingersoll Police Force in 1989 and settled his family in his home town of St. Thomas.

Scott was dedicated in not only protecting and serving the community but for the residents of Peel and Ingersoll he was an extension of their community. He especially wanted children not be afraid of the person in the uniform, taking time to just say “hello” and let them know police are friendly and someone they can trust.

On September 19, 1990 directly behind the Ingersoll Police Headquarters Scott completed a routine check on an adult male. The suspect ultimately gaining control of Scott’s weapon and shot him once in the back of his head. Scott died immediately leaving his 4 year old son, 1 year old daughter and his wife a young widow. Scott had just celebrated his 30th birthday.

It was an honour when Scott’s name was adopted into the OPP the year Ingersoll Police Force became OPP.

Losing Scott was devastating for his family, friends and colleagues.

This dedication in Scott’s name is an honour for him and a wonderful tribute to his memory. On behalf of his family, (including his mother who unfortunately cannot attend due to illness) we thank you once again for keeping him in your family of police men and women and always in our hearts as our hero.