Ken Roy was born on September 6, 1968 and he went to Ecole Secondaire Theriault in Timmins. He came from a family of twelve children and sports were very important to the northeastern Ontario nature. He played baseball and hockey and was a hockey coach. Ken left his hometown to attend college in Ottawa but he had the good fortune to come back to work.

He was appointed to the OPP on February 5, 1990. He worked in Rockland for two years before moving to South Porcupine. Ken was active in sports with young people and became part of the Adopt-A-Cop programme and even had the ambition to be involved with a partner in a business called Roy’s Sports Warehouse.

On the morning of Tuesday, May 23, 1995 Constable Roy returned from working the weekend with the RIDE programme in Chapleau. The officer was travelling on Highway 101 and near Foleyet. It was raining lightly when he rounded a curve in the highway that was known to be difficult to drive and the car went out of control. The 1992 Crown Victoria police cruiser struck an empty lumber truck. The impact was such that the police car was torn into three pieces and pinned under the front axle of the truck. Constable Roy was killed in the crash.

Ken Roy is survived by his wife and daughter.