Stefan Schultz was born on September 21, 1931. His family came to Canada from Germany in 1951. Stefan worked in Hamilton building tires until he could find something better. When he first sought employment in the Ontario Provincial Police he was considered both ambitious and intelligent. The fact that he spoke fluent German and Polish was considered a real asset.

He was appointed to the Ontario Provincial Police on October 7, 1963. He spent his entire police career in Brantford.

On Sunday July 19, 1970, Schultz and his partner were on the road in an unmarked car. At about two-twenty a.m., the officers were westbound on a straight stretch of Brant County Road 20. They came across a parked car on the south shoulder of the road and stopped to check it out. Traffic was minimal at that time of night so the cruiser was left on the travelled portion of the road with its headlights on.

There were five people standing on the road drinking. Schultz’s partner started to take information while Schultz placed the beer in the cruiser. The officer’s were just about to charge the drinking party with Liquor Licence Act violations when another car travelling east came upon the scene. The other officer saw it and shouted “Look out!” but the warning came too late for those standing on the road. Five of the seven people standing there were killed. Schultz was one of the unfortunate ones who was killed. His partner lost a leg and spent nine months in the hospital.

Constable Schultz was survived by his wife and two children.

He is remembered on a plaque at the Brant County Ontario Provincial Police building.