Bill Shores was born on November 30, 1938 in London Ontario. He joined the OPP on April 6, 1964.

The new officer enjoyed hunting and shooting. He was keen on antiques and shot both rifle and pistol. He served at London detachment for twelve years before transferring to Dutton. At the time, Bill and his family lived in Wallaceburg.

Bill had his fair share of adventures while serving the people of Ontario. He, and his partner at the time, successfully prevented a drunk driver from dashing across the lines of traffic on a busy highway. Both officers discharged their revolvers into the air in an attempt to stop the driver. Although their ploy was successful, the two officers were called in by the Superintendent and reminded that the use of firearms was not appropriate in this instance.

On November 19, 1980, Shores and his partner were investigating a motor vehicle accident where a car had gone over an embankment. PC Shores had complained of not feeling well after clambering up and down the hill. Nevertheless, he still reported for work the following evening.

On Sunday November 30, 1980 at approximately ten p.m., while working alone, Constable Shores was dispatched to a domestic complaint in New Glasgow. PC McConnell was also dispatched to assist Shores as back up. A young former mental patient who was living with his mother was drunk and became abusive toward her. Constable Shores arrested the man on a charge of intoxication in a public place as he found him wandering the streets. A struggle ensued and the man was handcuffed. When Bill’s back up arrived on the scene he noticed that the handcuffs were twisted. They were removed and as Bill was reapplying them, he collapsed to the road. Even though CPR was performed immediately, Constable Shores died of a massive heart attack.

McConnell called for an ambulance and performed CPR on his partner. Shores was taken to Four Counties Hospital in Newbury where he was pronounced dead as a result of a coronary thrombosis at 11:05pm. Back at the scene of the arrest, the prisoner was so transfixed by the events that unfolded in front of him that he fully cooperated with police until he was taken to a lockup.

Bill Shores had a quiet family funeral by a small OPP honour guard to see him on his way.