Phil Shrive joined the Ontario Provincial Police family as a civilian CPIC Operator in 1972. A year later he became a Dispatcher. In September 1974, his older brother Paul Shrive, a regular member of the OPP, proudly presented Phil with his badge and warrant card as he put on a uniform and became a Constable. He went to his first posting at Sioux Lookout Detachment.

He was transferred to Downsview Detachment and rode the Harley’s while he performed the duties of motorcycle traffic enforcement. Phil worked diligently in Oak Ridges and Shelburne Detachments doing general patrol duties.

In 1989, he went back up North and worked in South Porcupine Detachment as a Court Officer, District OMPPAC Coordinator and RIDE. While in old 15 District, he was also a Project Coordinator in the Crime Unit. Here he began his direct involvement in the Ontario Provincial Police Association Executive.

Phil focused on a specialized unit in 1991 and was a member of the Technical Identification Unit until 1996.

In 1996, Phil was transferred to West Carleton Detachment. There he continued his involvement in the Association and was a Community Services Officer, Marine Operator, PACT lecturer and media spokesperson for the Detachment.

Upon the closing of West Carleton in 1999, he transferred to Renfrew where he continued to work with the community.

Phil was a licensed fixed wing pilot, an active radio control model aircraft builder and enthusiast, and for six years, from 1993-2003, served as a Branch President of the Ontario Provincial Police Association until his death. Phil’s friendship and dedication will be missed greatly by the many peers whom he worked with and helped throughout the years.

Phil is survived by his wife Karen and children Neil, Karen, Graham and Rebecca.