Randall (Randy) Skidmore was born on August 15, 1959 in Burlington, Ontario. He attended Barton Secondary School where he graduated grade thirteen. He was an all-round athlete who enjoyed soccer, football and a round of golf.

Randy’s uncle, a Superintendent with the OPP, encouraged Randy to begin his career in policing and on January 11, 1982 he was hired by the OPP. His first posting was in northern Ontario at Geraldton Detachment where he was a hard worker and was seen to have an aptitude for criminal work. He enjoyed spending a great deal of time on back roads frequently using the Dodge Ram charger utility vehicle.

In May of 1985 Randy, his wife and their son moved south and was posted at Coboconk detachment. Randy was popular with his colleagues at the Coboconk office and his work was recognized; he was to take a criminal investigation course in the near future.

Upon his return to the detachment there was an investigation job waiting for him involving a school bus and another vehicle near Sebright. The officer picked up a vehicle similar to that which he had used in Geraldton. The sport utility 1984 Dodge Ram charger should have been ideal for light snow and wet pavement; unfortunately this model was not four-wheel drive.

Constable Skidmore was travelling north on Highway 503 toward Sebright and approximately one mile north of the Trent Canal there was washboard area on the road. The police vehicle went out of control on the rough surface, entered the east ditch, then struck a rock face and began to roll. Constable Skidmore was partially ejected and the vehicle landed on top of him killing him instantly.

There was a police funeral for the four-year veteran of the OPP, held in Hamilton. At not quite twenty-seven years old, Randy Skidmore was laid to rest in Hamilton.