Bartlett Smith began his career with the OPP at the age of twenty-five years old and was overjoyed at the possibility of leaving Newmarket and embarking on an independent life. 

He was appointed in April of 1937, and was assigned to what was known as the Niagara River Parkway squad and posted to the Niagara Falls area.

Three days before Christmas his supervisor took Smith off his usual beat patrolling Highway 8 between St. Catherines and Niagara Falls. His assignment on December 22 was to escort a funeral cortege.

As the column of cars approached the Cemetery, Smith sped ahead so that he could turn and salute the hearse as it passed through the ornamental gates to the property. His duty done, the officer turned and around and headed back to where he was stationed. 

Officer Smith made it as far as St. Davids and had progressed about two miles west of the community when his bike skidded off the traveled portion of the road and wrapped itself around a tree. The violent impact of the collision was such that without any form of head protection or other safety gear death was probably instantaneous. 

PC Smith had served for just eight months.