Bill was born on August 11, 1930 in Kirkland Lake. After leaving high school, Bill was a top-notch underground miner.

Bill joined the OPP on June 6, 1964. Bill and his family settled in South Porcupine, followed by Hearst then later moving to North Bay.

Bill had a wide variety of interests ranging from scuba diving, skeet shooting and tinkered as a amateur mechanic. In his earlier days, he played drums in the Kirkland Lake area with a dance band. Bill was also a talented artist.

Constable Smith had just started the day shift on February 16, 1982, and was assigned to radar patrol. He was traveling west on Highway #17 when he clocked a speeder driving in the opposite direction. Bill turned the car in a sharp U-turn to pursue the fleeing vehicle and was struck broad-sided by a westbound truck. Bill died three hours later at North Bay Civic Hospital as a result of massive injuries. The driver of the truck was found not to be at fault.

Trees were planted in Bill’s memory at both the old and new North Bay Detachments. A plaque honouring the officer who loved life to the fullest is proudly displayed at the North Bay Detachment.