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Our Members. Our Focus. Our Strength.

As an employee, you can receive exclusive group rates on a CAA Plus or CAA Premier Membership. A CAA Membership includes a full suite of benefits encompassing roadside assistance, rewards discounts, travel benefits and member-exclusive rates on insurance products. To take advantage of your group rate, please visit  22-035 MEM – Corporate Join Form.indd (, contact us at, or 1-866-220-1205. We look forward to having you become a CAA Member.

The rates are as follows (before tax):
Everyday Primary: $28 (Reg. $30)
Everyday Associate: $28 (Reg. $30)

Classic Primary: $103 (Reg. $105)
Classic Associate: $73 (Reg. $75)

Plus Primary: $115 (Reg. $155)
Plus Associate: $94 (Reg. $125)

Premier Primary: $149 (Reg. $195)
Premier Associate: $126 (Reg. $165)

Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program for OPPA members.

Medal Mounting Service. See attached for contact information.

20% discount code to all OPPA members on our products

10% off Sleep Promoting Eyewear

Special rates and an amazing selection of devices for OPPA members.

Member Discount Offer

Exclusive OPPA member discounts. See attached for more details.

Province-wide discount offer on mortgage services for OPPA members. See flyer for details.

20% discount for OPPA Members. See flyer and online order form for details.