Thank you to you the members of the OPP Association for the tireless and yet rewarding work you do each and every day to serve and protect the people of Ontario. This year we have had some serious situations to deal with, several of which have severely impacted our members. Our thoughts are with those members and their families. All of our Board of Directors and staff have been extremely busy, and with the pending contract negotiations 2022-23 promises to be a hectic, and hopefully a very productive year.   

Your dedication and personal sacrifice that you and your loved ones make for our safety is valued and appreciated.  On this day, we remain mindful of our members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and we also remember those who have not survived to be there for their families due to Operational Stress Injuries.

Special thank you to our members who are working, and away from their loved ones today.

Labour Unions and Police Associations are an integral part of creating and maintaining a safe, respectful and prosperous workplace.  Labour Day has been a statutory holiday in Canada since 1894. It celebrates the accomplishments of the labour movement and the benefits of having a union at work.  Click here to read more about “The First Labour Day”

As we celebrate Labour Day 2022, and our kids are getting back to school, I wish to you and yours on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the OPP Association a happy and prosperous fall season. 

Rob Stinson
Ontario Provincial Police Association