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OPPA Vice-President, John Cerasuolo, joins the 10-5 Podcast to recap the 2021 OPP Association Annual General Meeting (AGM), held from October 18th-21st.

Presentations/topics covered include the auditor’s report, review of investment policy, budget review, OPPA by-law changes, election of Directors, the OPP’s Healthy Workplace Team, the Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program, mental health presentations from OPPA members, training sessions, OPP Fleet & Telecomm, Inspector Dan Jones (Edmonton Police Service) on “Universal Precautions for Trauma and Compassionate Leadership,” the OPPA’s Awards & Recognition Night, OPP’s Office of Professionalism, Respect, Inclusion & Leadership (OPRIL), the Ontario Pension Board, and Premier Ford.

This episode of the 10-5 podcast is produced and hosted by Scott Mills and Joshua Jutras.

Music – “Line of Fire” by Jason Shaw available at and used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License 

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