The OPP Association is supporting Bell Let’s Talk Day on Thursday January 28, 2021. We are committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental health, and are sharing on OPP Association social media some posts today that educate our members on what some common symptoms are, and how we as OPP Association members can access confidential professional or mental health assistance for ourselves, or anyone in our lives.

Our goal is to leave nobody behind. There are often gaps where a loved one, a friend or neighbour is not covered by benefits, and we want to ensure that it is widely known that services are available for everyone.

Peer support is always an option as well. There are many peer support services available for the law enforcement community. It is important to find the right fit for you and your needs.

The Ontario Provincial Police now have staff psychologists on the Healthy Workplace Team who are available for all of our members. These psychologists, care navigators and peer support can be accessed by members by calling the Healthy Workplace Bureau of the OPP 1-844-677-9409 or emailing:

The Encompas Mental Wellness Program is a one stop approach for eligible OPP Association members, Commissioned Officers Association members and family members covered under benefits to care so individuals can be connected to the most appropriate mental health supports and services as easily and quickly as possible. It is a confidential and personalized experience with continual care throughout your tailored wellness journey and includes access to personal and family wellness programs, children and seniors-focused support services, virtual care support, crisis intervention specialists and mental health treatment facilities.

Highlights of the Encompas Mental Wellness Program are:

For OPPA and Retired OPP Members

  •  24/7-365 access to regulated health professional case managers who will be able to triage and connect individuals to the appropriate clinical professional services
  •  Experienced clinicians who have special training in law enforcement culture
  •  First responder treatment facilities (exclusive centres available to active and retired OPP members when referred by the clinical professionals)
  • Holistic circle-of-care inclusive of aftercare services
  •  Specialized website with a secure portal for confidential access to wellness resources
  • Tailored programs and assessment tools
  •  Immediate crisis support
  • Distance (virtual) counselling

For Eligible Dependents

  • Access to an expansive list of mental health professionals in all relevant OPP locations
  •  Family members can call Encompas on behalf of a member who may be reluctant to reach out to understand the services, programs and supports that are available.
  • Access to aftercare resources to support the member and their family through the continuous care cycle

Contact Encompas confidentially anytime 24/7 1-866-794-9117 or online at

For any member of the public the Ontario Government has implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic a free online mental health service for anyone who needs it. This may be appropriate for our fixed term members and full time members, in the event that a child no longer meets the definition of an eligible dependent, siblings, parents, grandparents or friends and neighbours who my be in need of mental health supports. The link to click on to sign up and access these services is led by Mind Beacon. Free therapy can be accessed by visiting the “Ontario Residents” Mid Beacon webpage.

The following are our OPP Association social media posts on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages as part of the #BellLetsTalk initiative. They are reproduced here for ease of reference. 


Common Symptoms of Depression: low mood and energy, feeling hopeless, difficulty sleeping, low self esteem, increased anxiety. Fit for duty in body and mind is our goal. For eligible OPP Association members call 24/7 1-866-794-9117 or #BellLetsTalk.


A poster about the symptoms of depression

It is #BellLetsTalk Day! The OPP Association is working towards ending the stigma. #EndTheStigma. Feeling angry, upset and irritable is a normal part of life. Sometimes anger can be a destructive emotion that negatively impacts our ability to communicate, our relationships, our jobs, and our health. Signs that your anger is a problem include: frequent anger, angry outbursts, struggling to compromise, ignoring people, self-harm, and cycles of ineffective behaviour. Your Encompas Mental Health Wellness program has more than 90 therapists experienced in providing safe and supportive treatment to help manage anger issues. If an eligible OPP Association member or a family member need mental health support, please visit or call 1-866-794-9117.


A poster about anxiety

Common Symptoms of Anxiety: Fatigue, Difficulty Sleeping, Difficulty Focusing, Restlessness, Racing Heart. Fit for Duty in Body and Mind. Safe and supportive treatment for eligible OPP Association members. Call 24/7 1-866-794-9117 or online #mentalhealth

Mental Health Support For All

Therapist guided program poster

Did you know? Guided digital therapy with Mind Beacon is now available free of charge during COVID-19, which is funded by the Government of Ontario. Free therapy can only be accessed by visiting the “Ontario Residents” webpage:

Peer Support

Peer support groups poster

On #BellLetsTalk Day it is important to acknowledge the many organizations who are out there working tirelessly to support our law enforcement community. This is not an exhaustive list. Thank you all for doing what you do. Together we are stronger. It is ok not to be ok #MentalHealth.