Veronique Boucher is the daughter of Retired OPP Provincial Constable Guy Boucher, who died by suicide shortly after retiring from a career as an OPP Provincial Constable.

She joins 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association to discuss her father’s career and his tragic death. Veronique aims to provide hope to other police families facing mental health issues by sharing her story.

Veronique’s mother, Lynn Boucher, wife of Guy Boucher, joined the 10-5 Podcast with her perspective in late 2023. You can listen to that episode “Trauma the Silent Killer” by clicking here.

If you or a member of your family is struggling with mental health, the OPPA’s Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is available 24/7 to OPPA members and their families online at or by calling 1-866-794-9117.