June 6th annually is OPP Veterans’ Day.

The OPP Association acknowledges the service and sacrifice of our OPP Veterans who have served and protected the citizens of Ontario since the formation of the OPP in 1909.

We are grateful for the ongoing work of the OPP Veterans’ Association (the OPPVA) to support all of our retirees. On behalf of the OPP Association Board of Directors, OPPA Staff and our Membership, thank you to all OPP Veterans.

There are currently 2,337 OPPVA Members, of which there are 1,624 Regular, 285 Honorary, 424 Life Members, and 187 new first year free Members.

The OPP Association encourages all of our members to support the OPPVA. For membership information please visit OPPVA.ca.

We are especially grateful for the work being done by the OPPVA to keep our retirees connected and thriving in their retirement through the Veterans’ Voice Network pilot program (formerly known as “Vets’ Watch”). Thank you to everyone working hard to make this program successful and active throughout Ontario.

Congratulations to Dave Osborne of Chapter 18-Orillia on being named the recipient of the 2023 Commissioner’s Veteran of the Year Award and Chapter 3-Burlington on being named the winner of the Bob Arbour Challenge Trophy. Both awards were presented at the recent OPPVA AGM in Burlington.

There are many events and activities happening today across the province. Please take a moment to thank a Vet for their many years of service.

John Cerasuolo
Ontario Provincial Police Association