The OPP Association Head Office is flying the flag of Ukraine as a symbol of solidarity and support for the people of Ukraine during the unlawful invasion of Ukraine that started one week ago.

OPPA President Rob Stinson quietly raised a Ukrainian flag at the OPPA Head Office in Barrie late in the day on Wednesday March 2, 2022.

The OPP Association is proud to support the people of Ukraine in their fight for their homeland. We have many members of Ukrainian heritage. Many of our members have also been involved in UN Peacekeeping missions training police in the Ukraine. We have a long standing connection to the people of Ukraine. We thank the Consul General for the gift of the Ukrainian flag. We will fly it proudly, as we support our leaders in their efforts to restore peace to the people of Ukraine and the world.

The flag was gifted to the OPP Association from Amb. Olesksandr Shevchenko, Consul General of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto. The flag was presented to an OPPA staff member in Toronto minutes before Shevchenko joined in a Solidary March with thousands of citizens and dignitaries in Toronto on Sunday February 27, 2022. Rope grommets were hand sewn into the flag by the son of an OPPA staff member and the flag was delivered to OPPA Head Office. Our staff had previously tried to obtain a Ukrainian flag from our regular supplier, however Ukrainian flags were sold out with no supply expected for weeks. 

The OPP Association thanks all of the people involved in contributing to this special flag being proudly flown at our office.