Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program speaks at OPPVA AGM in Sudbury in May, 2022

Happy Vets Day! Monday June 6, 2022 is OPP Veterans’ Day.

The OPP Association are very appreciative of the efforts of of our 2,000 plus members of the Ontario Provincial Police Veterans’ Association (OPPVA).

We are delighted that we are able to gather again, and members of our OPP Association Board of Directors and  staff will be joining our Vets today in Orillia to celebrate this special day.

Our OPP Association President, Rob Stinson, along with our staff members Lisa Hillstrom, Amie Fabiano and Erin Baumruk as well as our Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program leaders, Dalton Associates CEO and Social Worker Carl Dalton, Dalton’s Manager Corporate Client Relations Louise Hanson and Case Manager Jen Welsch were honoured to attend the OPPVA’s recent Annual General Meeting in Sudbury on May 26 and 27, 2022. It was inspiring for us share in the great work being done by the OPPVA across the province. 

OPPA staff president

LtoR OPPA Executive Officer Pension and Benefits Lisa Hillstrom, OPP President Rob Stinson, OPPA Manager of Member Benefits Amie Fabiano and Receptionist Erin Baumruk receive a certificate of appreciation from the OPP Veterans’ Association at the OPPVA AGM 2022 in Sudbury

 Dalton's Louise Hanson (left) and Jen Welsch (right)

Dalton Associates power the OPPA’s Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program. Dalton’s Louise Hanson (left) and Jen Welsch (right) had a booth promoting wellness at the OPPVA AGM in Sudbury May, 2022.

The Commissioner’s Veteran of the Year Awards were presented at the 53rd OPPVA AGM held in Sudbury   Congratulations to all of the award recipients. 

Carmen Marrier and Bill Lee

Photo supplied by OPPVA Branch 18. The Commissioner’s Veteran of the Year Awards were presented at the 53rd OPPVA AGM held in Sudbury.  Congratulations to Provincial Secretary and Chapter 18 Vice-Chair Carmen Marrier who was the 2019 recipient and Chapter 18 Member Bill Lee who is the 2021 recipient.

For our OPPA members, please reach out and connect with our OPP Veterans known to you by phone, online or by email today and any time you get the chance. They are our mentors and their wisdom and insight is invaluable. If you don’t know any OPP Vets, please consider visiting the OPPVA.ca website and learning about the men and women who form the history of the Ontario Provincial Police. Of particular interest is documentation of the first thirty years of the OPPVA which is available on OPPVA.ca/First30

Anyone can also consider purchasing a stone on the Pathway of Memories located at OPP GHQ in Orillia. The Stones can be purchased for a $300 donation to recognize an OPP member past or present. The inscriptions on the memory stones donated by members, friends and colleagues reflect expressions of pride, friendships, love and careers, creating lasting memories. Click here for information on how to purchase a memory stone