Mental Health Week 2021 for us is Mental Health Month, is Mental Health Year… Every day, our priority is our members’ health and well being. Our Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program partners at Dalton Associates compiled some statistics below for us.

Mental health is a part of a person’s total health and wellness and at some point in our lives, each one of us will be affected by mental health challenges whether personally or through someone you know, and the risk is significantly higher for first responders. Let’s #GetReal about some facts on mental health:

– First responders experience PTSD 2 times the rate of the average population (Van Amerigen, 2008)
– An estimated 13% of first responders sought treatment for their mental health challenges (Bryant, R. A., Kenny, L., 2019)
– 11% of first responders have reported suicidal thoughts as a result of the job (Disaster Resource, 2016)
– First responders are at a 10.5% higher risk to develop a mental illness than the general population (Can J Psychiatry, 2017)

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Thank you to OPP Beyond The Blue for the initiative to inspire conversations of mental health and break the stigma with the campaign of our uniform members wearing green epaulets.