Body-Worn Camera (BWC) and In-Car Camera (ICC) with integrated Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Technology is rolling out for the OPP in East Region. The OPP Association supports this technology and looks forward to the implementation in all areas of OPP policing in Ontario, OPP Association President Rob Stinson told delegates at the OPPA Spring Executive Meeting in Collingwood, Ontario on May 5, 2022.

In car camera picture
In car camera 1

I have witnessed the quality of the video in the testing of this equipment, and am certain that this technology will enhance the safety of our OPP Association members, as well as provide the best evidence for interactions of our members with the public. This technology is a win for everybody”, Rob Stinson told the OPPA Executive after a presentation led by OPP Chief Superintendent Karen Meyer who oversees the BWC/ICC/ALPR technology rollout. The update was well received by the members in attendance.

Karen Meyer
OPP Chief Superintendent Karen Meyer, Bureau Commander Communications and Technology Services Bureau, OPPA President Rob Stinson, OPPA Director Mike Adair, OPP Inspector Richard Riopelle and Martha Hall of the Communications Modernization Project at the Spring Executive Meeting in Collingwood May 5, 2022

President Stinson added his thanks to the Provincial Government for the funding for this technology. The BWC has the capability to pair to the ICC he explained, meaning that if the ICC activates, then the BWC will activate. This means that in a high stress, dynamic situation, the likelihood of the best evidence being collected is greatly increased.

We believe that in interactions with the public, our members are acting in good faith according to their training. This technology will assist in confirming the facts in the event of any potential Special Investigations Unit or OIPRD investigations that result from the interactions of our members and the public.

In car camera picture 2
In car camera 2

The ICC solution includes integrated ALPR capability and, therefore, every ICC-equipped vehicle in East Region will also be an ALPR-equipped vehicle. Digital evidence collected via BWCs and ICCs will be stored and managed using the provincial cloud-based Digital Evidence Management (DEM) portal, which is already in place. The OPP will consult with the Ministry of the Attorney General to incorporate their requirements as this project is implemented.

Body Worn Camera with current vest carrier
Body Worn Camera with current vest carrier

For frontline members in East Region, where this technology will be first implemented, there will be a number of benefits, including an objective video record of interactions with the public and the ability to collect video that will provide quality evidence of interactions.

The OPP Association feels this will reduce the amount of time officers will be required in court and free up more time for officers on the front line.

The increased use of ALPR technology within the OPP will assist our members to more effectively enforce the Highway Traffic Act, identify vehicles associated with criminal activity in a timely manner, and locate missing persons, including children in potential danger and subject to Amber Alerts.

To learn more about the provincial government announcement of funding for this technology visit the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General Facebook page.