Oxford County OPP Provincial Constable Frank Kempf has been nominated for a 2021 Police Association of Ontario Police Services Hero of the Year Award for his work advocating for mental health. Congratulations and thank you for your advocacy Frank. 

The nomination is posted on the Police Association of Ontario website PoliceHero.ca and is reproduced here, along with a video and link to a Woodstock area news article about Frank’s work

 nominate my husband, Oxford OPP Officer Frank Kempf. Frank is not one that looks for the spotlight, however, he has publicly opened up about a personal life tragedy to help others start conversations. After finding his brother, who’d taken his life, he soon after supported the idea to help turn his pain into music. Frank made sure to communicate his emotions in dealing with the loss which allowed myself & musician Brett Kingswell to create a song – “The Questions Burn” – now on a National Top 50 chart and getting air play in over 10 countries.

Many people have personally related to the song and reached out thanking Frank for sharing his story and shedding a light on #SuicideAwareness (including many of his fellow officers). He is back on-duty serving his community with a heightened empathy, attending mental health/suicide related calls. Frank just wants to see the numbers of these calls go down in the near future. Thank you for considering Officer Kempf and thank you to all other nominees – we need more like them in this world.