On December 24, 2020 recently retired OPP Constable Phil Nowiski tragically died in an ATV mishap near his home in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Phil served his entire policing career in Elliot Lake and was well known and well respected by the community and his colleagues. He leaves behind his wife Lesley and daughter Emily.  There will be no funeral. The OPP Association extends our condolences to all. Phil’s wife, Lesley, sent this message along to the OPP Association for publication.

Written by Lesley Nowiski December 30, 2020

So many people have asked me how I am doing and I wanted to share a few things with you all here.

The overwhelming and I mean overwhelming support I have received in the past few days is tremendous. I feel so loved and protected and that is what Phil would want.

I went to the accident site with his greatest “boyfriends” and watched as they worked together to remove the atv from the accident site. Standing back and watching them….I finally understood the brotherhood he always talked about. I felt him there saying….Lester these guys will take care of you. That is what Phil would want.

I have received over 1500 messages…Facebook, text, phone, email….with love and stories and support. That is what Phil would want.

He was larger than life. He touched so many people. I am so grateful for every single message…..it is so healing.  That is what Phil would want.

When a knock on the door the other night brought us upstairs and I could see the blue and red flashing lights….his colleagues saluting us…standing so still….that is what Phil would want.

I cannot keep this all to myself because Phil was a part of your life…a big part of the community…..and that is what Phil would want.

On Thursday I have decided to see his body and say goodbye. I need to touch him again and tell him what he meant to me. I will share with him everything you have shared. Thank you everyone for all of your support as it has made this time a tiny bit easier. Thursday is New Years Eve…have a drink for him. That is what Phil would want.