Sherri deGroot, Director Brand and Business Development at the OPPA Credit Union joins 10-5 The Official Podcast of the OPP Association to discuss the benefits of membership in the OPPA Credit Union. For OPPA Members, the OPPA Credit Union is your financial backup for life.

If you are an OPPA Member, the OPPA Credit Union  is tailor-made to fit you and your family as your unique life evolves. They help you and your family grow financially secure within the context of your income and pension. The OPPACU make it easy for you to move money around (even between financial institutions). They also make it easier for you to move around; you can move homes without triggering mortgage penalties. The staff at the OPPA Credit Union are on the same team, and they care about your well-being. They will figure out how to put the numbers on your side regardless of how your life unfolds.

Key messages discussed in this podcast include: 

  1. New updated banking/app launched on April 9th, 2024
  2. Partner Discounts ( digital wills, APR, Pet Insurance etc.)
  3. Investment / Lending team specialist teams
  4. Live answer Member service
  5. Account fees – minimun balance
  6. Member rates
  7. Accessibility across the province through the ATM network / online banking
  8. Personal touch service – live answer – dedicated representatives, small team
  9. New FHSA (First Home Savings Account)
  10. Common financial errors among young members making – not setting up auto savings, over extending on vehicles
  11. Common financial errors among veteran members – not having a decumulation strategy for tax mitigation
  12. Importance of wills and POA’s – Clear Estate

To learn more about the OPPA Credit Union visit their website

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