Retired OPP Officer Sylvie Côté and retired Kingston Police Service Officer Rick Whalen have rekindled their relationship in retirement after dating early in their policing careers. They both join the 10-5 Podcast to discuss living your best life post retirement.

Policing can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Sylvie and Rick want to help police officers understand where they are and get where they want to be by creating happy lives and healthy minds. Sylvie went from anger, resentment and despair, amongst many other emotions, to becoming grateful, happy and fulfilled through the help of a friend who helped her refocus.  She will explain how reconnecting with the reason “WHY” she was doing her job caused everything to change.  

When Sylvie and Rick reconnected after 25 years apart, in 2017, Rick was in poor health and 50 pounds overweight.  Rick will explain how he regained his health by taking control of his emotions after going through stress, unhappiness and hopelessness.  He did this using tools he learned in a life coaching course and Sylvie’s support.  

Sylvie’s co-worker in the recruitment unit took his own life in 2017, and it had a profound impact on her.  She wished she could have done something for him to prevent it.  Since then, she has learned tools and strategies to help people change their lives.  Sylvie describes in the podcast how she is making a difference.

Sylvie and Rick explain the importance of physiology, focus and language by providing examples from their lives and experiences, as well as how our beliefs can affect the decisions we make throughout our lives, limiting our opportunities and our happiness.  

Learn how they learned to understand each other, meet each other’s needs, and have a harmonious and loving relationship as they transitioned from their career to retirement. They describe their involvement as a volunteers, traveling, operating an AirBnb, participating in Toastmasters International and continued learning in the areas of growth, development and leadership.    

Sylvie and Rick participated in extensive training for the last eight years, both graduating from Tony Robbins Mastery University, and are continuing their involvement in the program.  They describe how this training has been the foundation of the transformation of their lives.  Along the way, they have learned that the secret to living is giving and decided to help others live their best lives.

This episode of the 10-5 podcast is produced and hosted by Scott Mills and Emily Brown.

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